Using Media

Using Media

Workshop on using media – a how on earth do I do that workshop!

By Tamsin Merchant (please let me know if any of these are unclear and you aren’t sure what to do) and a general disclaimer unfortunately I

These were the questions from the group

  1. Inserting video’s into PowerPoint – see below
  2. How to take a clip of a film – how to slice a film – basically my answer to this is find someone who knows how to do this because it’s a bit more complicated and too difficult to explain here, mainly because there are different programmes you can use.
  3. No wireless in church – stuff downloaded can only be burnt on to disc. Such a long process – how to show films on to a non-Wi-Fi system. How do we get software to be compatible. Consider getting a Wi-Fi dongle or a Mi-Fi – that allows you to create your own wireless network (some smartphones will do this e.g. HTC and also iPhone. Then you can either use an existing data plan on your mobile. The Mi-Fi is a small device for which you can buy ‘data’ so Internet access without having to use a landline. A good company to look at is GiffGaff, plans start at £5 per month but you don’t sign up to an 18-month contract, so you can give a months notice to quit at any time. Also GiffGaff do unlimited data plans on mobiles so for £10 a month you get unlimited data on your phone (with texts and calls), which will allow you to connect to the Internet.
  4. New AV system – what recommendations for software – projection systems. Best opinion was easy worship – but most of them allow you a trial period – so worth downloading a couple (there aren’t many).
  5. How to insert videos into easy worship – didn’t do this in the group because not everyone had easy worship.
  6. Best place to get film clips for café church. See list below.
  7. Cable connections – questions about cables – can get most cables – amazon is good as it gives reviews – didn’t go into detail as it will depend what people want.
  8. Cheapest way to get Internet in church – see point 3.

Insert a movie into PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Create a new file
  3. Create a new slide – or create your PowerPoint and then on the slide you want a movie to be put in.
  4. Go to insert, and insert movie, and choose the means of inserting (so from file or movie browser – depends on your type of machine)
  5. Once inserted the movie you need to tell it to play. This is done within the animations controls (again depends on your version of PPT).

NB if you are then using this presentation on a different computer you need to do the following.

Copy the PPT file and the MOVIE file (you must have the actual movie file) onto your USB stick or however you are transferring.

Then take it to the computer you are going to be using for the presentation. Put in your USB stick – copy both files to a location on the computer (desktop or folder).

Then re do steps 4 and 5. You need to remove the movie from your PPT and then reinsert it and retell it to play on click. If you don’t do this the movie will not be found by your presentation.

The reason for this is that PPT does not copy the movie only the location of the movie file, (this saves PPT files getting huge). So then you need to reinsert the movie if you use a different computer because the new computer will be looking for the file on your previous computer. If you don’t understand these last two sentences don’t worry, just do as I instruct about putting the file in again and you will be fine.

Learn how to use keynote if you have a mac – its much better – it allows you to alter the movie clip itself, i.e the length you play.

Keynote app on iPad is really good too. Very flexible.

Instructions on using Dropbox

Describe how to use dropbox – if you want to be kind to me and you haven’t yet installed dropbox, send me an email and I will invite you to share a folder (which will have this file in it) and that will give me some extra free space. See it as a gift for this knowledge!

Go to and create a new user, and it will then get you to follow instructions. You will be asked to download a piece of software which will run on your machine. This creates a folder on your computer, and the software then creates a copy of this folder on your machine with a folder online. So you can then access your files anywhere you have an internet connection. Follow the set up guide and it will tell you how to use dropbox in easy to use language. Don’t forget to click on the ‘get free space’ at the top of the website page and it will give you a few ways of getting more free space – like inviting people to join dropbox. This is really useful, I know have quite a large amount of free space as a result.

Remember if you use Dropbox to create your powerpoint file and insert a movie into it – to check it works at the other end – it may still need you to reinsert the movie again. The advantage is if you store all the relevant files together this will be quite simple.

Getting videos from YouTube

Use YouTube Downloader or Realplayer downloader. Sorry this isn’t more detailed but both these applications work really well and will give you a ‘how to’ on the sites themselves.

Finding Resources (if you have any other suggestions do make comments on this page)

Good websites are: This is a subscription website, though some stuff is free. It is very comprehensive and very good value for what it offers

Sermon spice


Dave Hopwood a whole range of material, books, ideas and writing – worth signing up to his blog to get his material sent to your inbox.

Bible Society

Nooma DVD’s

You Tube – good for finding clips and if you then use a downloader you don’t need internet access in your church

Youth For Christ – but quite expensive

Barnabas in Churches and Schools and

Bible Reading Fellowship

Vicky Beeching writes on Theology and worship