Clergy Gear

Clergy Gear

Here are ideas and suggestions for where to buy all those things you might need to buy as a vicar, now I don’t think any of them sell underwear as I remember seeing in catalogues when I was at college, but you never know.

On that note Awesome is not responsible for the content of these websites, but we hope you find them useful and also if you have any of your own suggestions then please let us know.

Cross Designs

A great place to buy shirts of all kinds, fitted, t-shirt, and more, and you can get beautiful fitted cassocks, with a silk blue (or your choice of colour) lining!

Jonathon & Juliet Hemingray for unusual crosses and other Christian symbols for custom made preaching scarves and stoles and more

On the advice of my husband who’s about to become vicar of 7 parishes and has been buying up stoles, albs, communion sets and more.

Stoles by Susan

Inexpensive hand-made stoles individually made to your requirements.