A selection of books written by, or recommended by the Awesome Network.

 Awesome Voices: God working through Ordained Women Today

This book tells the stories of some of those women, celebrating the unique network that is AWESOME: Anglican Women Evangelicals: Supporting our Ordained Ministries. The women who have written have different backgrounds, different paths to faith, different personalities, different ministries. Some of the women are single, some married. Some have children, some don’t. Some are in parish ministry, some are in other forms of ministry. Together, they tell the story of the difference that evangelical women’s ministry is making.

This book is for all who want to hear the story of AWESOME and what God has been doing through the ministry of evangelical women. It is also for women—and men—who are wondering if God might be calling them too. Do buy it from Gilead because Awesome receive more of the profits.

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The Gender Agenda

This has been written by Clare Hendry and Lis Goddard, both members of Awesome and on the committee.

It is based on a lively and compelling exchange of emails about church leadership and gender between Clare & Lis who hold significantly different views on the roles of women in ministry and church leadership.

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7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

In her blog, Rosie Ward has written about Kate Coleman’s new book the 7 Deadly Sins of Women’s Leadership, write Rosie “In her book, Kate explores seven self-defeating behaviours in work and leadership, such as limiting self-perceptions, failure to draw the line, and inadequate personal vision. Read more…

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Growing Women Leaders by Rev Rosie Ward

Women’s place in leadership is a hot topic around the world. How can we make sure that women who are called to leadership receive the same support and nurturing that men do?

How do we answer the theological questions which are posed about women as leaders in the Church?

Growing Women Leaders aims to affirm and equip women leaders in their calling to leadership. With insights from both Christian and secular sources, it includes stories of women leaders in Scripture, in history and in modern society.

Growing Women Leaders is ideal for all who care about the future of leadership in the Church.

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