Your Initial Meeting

Your Initial Meeting

For most women this will be quite intuitive, but here is a rough guide:

Getting to know you – ‘Tell me about yourself’ (background, present situation, visions, dreams and challenges)

Identify needs – ‘This is the kind of help I’m looking for…’ ‘How do you think I can help you?’ (discuss and clarify)

If this looks promising, the next steps are to agree practicalities:

  • A time (frequency and length)
  • A venue
  • Who is responsible for setting up meetings; it may be good to put several dates in the diary if both parties are busy!
  • A time to review and evaluate if the relationship is working
  • An informal contract – e.g. what sort of preparation the mentee will do before each meeting, what material she can provide to help the mentor understand her context.
  • Discuss issues of trust and confidentiality

Agree a task: what the mentee will work on or do before the next meeting.