Mentoring Resources

Mentoring Resources


Anderson, Keith & Randy Reese, Spiritual Mentoring: A Guide for Seeking and Giving Direction (Eagle Books, 2000)
How to mentor and be mentored

Clinton Robert, and Paul Stanley Connecting (Navpress,1992)
Developing empowering relationships, and how to be an effective mentor.

Helm, Nick and Philip Allin (ed), Finding Support in Ministry (Grove P90, 2002).
A collection of short articles on mentoring, ministerial review, etc.

Kline, Nancy, Time to Think: Listening to ignite the human mind (Cassell, 1999).
An introduction to 10 behaviours which form a ‘Thinking Environment’. A step by step guide to how to achieve this, very applicable to mentoring.

Mallison, John, Mentoring To Develop Leaders (Scripture Union 1998).
Now out of print but obtainable second-hand or a PDF is available online at the late John Mallison’s website:
John Mallison - Mentoring To Develop Leaders

Hopkins, Bob & Hedley, Freddy, Coaching for Missional Leadership (ACPI 2008)
Designed to help those coaching pioneers in church-planting and fresh expressions but good on practicalities of listening, questions, and how people learn

Pue, Carson, Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Character, Calling and Competency (Baker Books, 2005)
A framework for mentors seeking to encourage emerging and growing leaders to persevere.

Sanders, Martin, The Power of Mentoring: Shaping People who will Shape the World (Wingspread Publisher, 2009)
Motivation for mentoring involvement, approaches and skill building, and implementation strategies.

Ward, Rosie, Growing Women Leaders (BRF2008)
Out of print but obtainable second-hand. Includes a section on the importance of mentoring for women

Wilcox, Paul, Intentional Mentoring: empowering a generation one person at a time (Instant Apostle, 2018)
Practical tips for getting started and sustaining the mentoring relationship, investing in the lives of others

Wright, Walter, Mentoring: the promise of relational leadership (Wipf &Stock, 2013)

The Mentor Network is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK. Runs a database of mentors and provides mentoring resources, training, support and supervision.
Aims to promote high standards of mentoring practice within the Christian community, and make resources for mentoring available
Free resources that John developed for Christian mentoring, training mentors, small group leadership and discipleship.
A coaching organisation providing training for coaches, and one-off sessions on ‘Moving on’, Making great appointments, Ministerial review, etc, and training in facilitation of Action Learning Sets

A great article by Bev Murrill in CBE’s Mutuality magazine on the need women in the church have for mentors, and how to find mentors
‘Unbreakable? Using Mentoring to Break the Glass Ceiling’ By Lis Merrick & Paul Stokes
A paper published in 2008 which reviews the current research available on mentoring women managers, particularly through the “glass ceiling”, in order to inform the most effective design of mentoring initiatives supporting women into more senior roles within organisations. It concludes with a schema for mentee development based on the concept of a skilled mentee.