Awesome Network Conference

The annual Awesome Network Conference offers time away to study, pray and relax together. There is usually a range of exhibitors, a book stall, art work, clergy shirts, free time as well as pampering opportunities.

Our most recent conference was held in September 2018 at Launde Abbey. The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley, chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, gave three talks on Preaching the Hard Stuff – tough texts of the Old Testament.

She opened up key Bible passages such as Judges 11, Genesis 22 and Psalm 137 in a brilliant and compelling way, enabling us all to see how grappling with the text and context can help us to make sense of the texts we often avoid, so that we can preach the whole of life before the whole of God. Over drinks and nibbles Isabelle also gave us some insights into her current role.

Workshops looked at ‘preaching in season and out of season’, clergy wellbeing and issues of harassment.

Watch this space for details of our conference in 2019.