About The Awesome Network

Who We Are

AWESOME seeks to inspire, equip and give voice to ordained evangelical women.

We are a network of women ordained into the Anglican Church from across the evangelical spectrum. We include all stages of ministry from ordinands to those who are retired. We exist to support and pray for one another in ministry, learning from scripture, the Spirit and one another, and to represent evangelical women  nationally in the Church of England. We seek to equip one another for ordained ministry in the Church, that the Church might be better equipped to fulfil her gospel imperative.

AWESOME is an acronym: Anglican Women Evangelicals: Supporting our Ordained Ministry

Our Goals

  • To be a voice for evangelical women
  • To encourage women to grow in their vocations
  • To support each other in ministry through networks and mentoring
  • To raise the profile of women at local and national level
  • To engage with practical, biblical and theological issues

What we believe

We subscribe to the CEEC basis of faith.

What we have done

Awesome was formed in 2003 to provide a place where ordained evangelical women from across the spectrum could meet and find fellowship and support. Since then we have

  • Become a recognised group representing women within the wider church, giving us places on the Transformations Steering Group, which has been meeting since 2010
  • As part of Transformations work contributed to overseeing research on young vocations, larger churches and flexible patterns of ministry
  • Promoted and featured at Vocations events for young women
  • Held theological and biblical discussions with Reform (see outcomes here) as part of the debate on women bishops
  • Held (jointly with CPAS ) a consultation on women leading larger churches
  • Reached the 140 members mark, and carried on growing
  • Established local networks for support and fellowship
  • Held annual conferences
  • Seen several books published: AWESOME Voices (2015), AWESOME Voices 2nd edition with added chapters (2017) and The Gender Agenda (2010), written by Clare Hendry and Lis Goddard (read a review of it here.)
  • Begun regular e-bulletins for members of AWESOME, and set up Facebook pages.
  • Seen the development of interviews with some of our members

You can get in touch at info@awesome.org.uk.