Committee Roles

We’re looking for a couple of members to join the AWESOME Committee, in the roles of Communications Secretary, and Ordinands and First Appointments Co-ordinator.

The Comms role covers communication within AWESOME and externally: keeping our website up to date, promoting the use of our Facebook groups (Members-only and Friends groups) and Facebook page, as well as sending out our monthly e-bulletins, and communicating news externally. Ideally it would also cover designing publicity. This is quite a large remit and the role could be split between 2 people.  The Ordinands and First Appointments role would suit an ordinand. The aim is to raise the profile of AWESOME in colleges and courses and to be a link person.

Two of the 3 committee meetings each year are normally in London, so being able to get to London is important. You can download role descriptions for both these posts here:  Committee Role Descriptions 2019