Women and Larger Churches

The Rev Rosie Ward, The Rt Rev Mike Hill, The Rev Lis Goddard, and The Rt Rev Andrew Watson.

A consultation took place on women leading larger churches, set up by CPAS and Awesome it took place on Monday 15th November 2010.

Papers were given out during the day and group discussions were held.

  • Application: A summary of Simon Heathfield’s appointment process
  • Stats: Statistics relating to women leading larger churches.
  • Research: A research paper on women leading larger churches.
  • Discussions: A summary of the discussions held during the consultation day. These discussions were in the areas of ‘The appointment process’; ‘What it takes to lead a larger church’ and ‘Why women aren’t being appointed to larger churches’.

For more information go to CPAS for advice on getting a post in an evangelical parish and the process involved.