A warm welcome to Awesome

Who We Are

A network of women ordained into the Anglican Church from across the evangelical spectrum. We include all stages of ministry from ordinands to those who are retired. We exist to support and pray for one another in ministry, learning from scripture, the Spirit and one another. We seek to equip one another for ordained ministry in the Church, that the Church might be better equipped to fulfil her gospel imperative. Our basis of faith is contained in the CEEC statement of faith. The acronym AWESOME contains the vision of the network, Anglican Women Evangelicals: Supporting our Ordained Ministry

Our Goals

  • To be a voice for evangelical women
  • To encourage women to grow in their vocations
  • To support each other in ministry through networks and mentoring
  • To raise the profile of women at local and national level
  • To engage with practical biblical and theological issues

Statement of Faith

The Basis of Faith of Awesome shall be the CEEC statement of faith.  Statement of faith.

What we have done in 2010

  • Held two theological and biblical discussions with Reform (see outcomes here) with a third to come in 2011
  • Jointly held a consultation on women leading larger churches with CPAS.
  • Reached the 100 mark of membership of Awesome, and carried on growing
  • Grown our local networks from 8 to 12 supporting you on the ground.
  • Held our national conference on the topic of preparing for ministry (at whatever stage you’re at)
  • Seen probably what could be seen as our first book published out the relationship of Awesome – the Gender Agenda (written by Clare Hendry and Lis Goddard – read a review of it here.
  • Begun regular e-bulletins –  you get these if you’re a member of awesome and using our facebook pages in a more effective way to communicate with you.
  • Seen the development of interviews with some of our members and we’re always on the look out for more, if you’d be willing to tell us about what you’re doing then please get in touch with us as always its info@awesome.org.uk.